Friday, February 14, 2014

The Three Big Writers

As I find myself pounding my skull against my keyboard in a vain attempt to churn out some words on both my personal writing and a movie review here, crap it's hard work, I've decided to take a momentary break to announce something else I will discuss in the near future.

I consider myself a bit of a literary aficionado, looking into things from extremely old to the newest action. Most of my focus has been on adventure, exploration, monsters, scifi, or real accounts. The more I research the more I've found that there are three core writers who were truly great in the early part of the 1900's. Lovers of pulp will undoubtedly be familiar with one if not all of these, yet outside the pulp crowd these three just don't seem to get that much attention, despite how influential and groundbreaking their work was. Even today when I have almost unlimited access to entertainment in a variety of forms I continually come back to these three key writers who helped shape so much of what we know of today.

These three are as follows:
1. Edgar Rice Burroughs
2. Robert E. Howard
3. H.P. Lovecraft

While there are other writers around these times who did some pretty awesome stuff, notables such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle a few decades earlier, and JRR Tolkien a few decades after and both whom I love, these three have withstood the test of time and defined a great deal. I've read much of all of their work, each has a distinct voice and I shall later get into their styles and why they are so great. More importantly, I'll show why everyone should read this stuff today.

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