Thursday, November 10, 2016

Glad that's over...

I'm so glad that this election process is finally over and done with. For those of you wondering, I voted for "Screw both candidates with a rusty drill bit." Am I happy that Trump won? Meh. I think he's a despicable human being with no humility and was my last choice on the Republican nominee ballot. But I'm more happy that Hillary didn't win. I genuinely believe that she is an evil person, and that had she been elected many Americans would have died. She's already gotten away with multiple murders while lower on the food chain. What would stop her from doing more while in the President's office? So yeah, I'm glad she lost. Honestly I sort of see this as karmic backlash for all the corruption, murder, blackmailing and general lack of human decency on her part. She had her best shot at becoming President, and then lost to this renegade upstart. And with her health deteriorating, I think that this was her LAST shot. So she's going to be extraordinarily displeased for the next few years, and I'm going to enjoy every moment of it.

Do I think Trump will be a great President? Heck no. But he can't possibly screw up worse than Obama. At least this guy has a pair of testicles. Other countries won't walk all over him like a door mat. And I at least think that Trump wants America to do well, which is more than I can say for Obama.

I'm pretty intrigued by the reaction of the far left. All during the Obama administration they were ramming policies down our throats and giving the executive branch more and more power. Back then it was just fine! You stupid right wing jurks just need to shut up and deal with it. But uh oh! Now a crazy man is wielding extraordinary executive power and can push through a ton of ideas without being checked. Oh no! How could this have happened? If only we had a democratic society with checks and balances set up by an old group of intelligent men to limit the various branches of power! Oh wait...

See, this is kind of why us rightists wanted to restrict presidential power. So that if some megalomaniacal guy got elected he couldn't do any permanent harm. Whoops!
I know a lot of people were complaining about the Republicans stonewalling Obama's idiotic ideas in the House and Senate. How dare they defy the supreme leader's will! I'll bet now they are going to appreciate the concept of the senatorial veto. This is precisely why that process exists.

All I can say to the hard leftists who are now terrified, you kinda made this happen. You ran out every decent Republican runner for a snake oil salesman in hopes that he would sink that boat so Hillary would get elected. But that didn't work, and you paved the way for a showman. Instead of trying to deal with the most honest and respectable candidates you played this stupid political game to get the bride of Satan elected. You guys couldn't have supported someone like Rubio or Paul, men that were at least honest and respectable. Oh no! That would have been too easy. But the general public got fed up with being lied to, failed time and again and decided screw it, we're going with the guy who at least has the balls to admit his insanity. This was basically the coyote chewing off his leg to escape the gin trap.

I also believe that a person's true colors are revealed by how they deal with loss. Four and eight years ago, the right bent under the gloating and jeering of Obama and his minions, soldiering on as best we could in spite of his earnest attempts to torpedo the country. The rightists didn't firebomb cars. They didn't lay siege to the White House. They didn't start riots and rip apart entire sections of cities. They didn't call for mass violence. We hated Obama and everything he tried to put forward, but we put up with it.

But now that an insane moderate has gotten elected, the far left has gone absolutely ape spit. Riots, violence, destruction, rampant hatred, etcetera. You'd think that we had just firebombed orphanages and used the blood of the children to draw pentagrams to summon demons for the new justices. Wow. Weren't these the same people that told the right to shut up and put up with it? But now that they have to take the same medicine?  No grace, dignity and respectful behavior here. Okay, that's not totally true. There are some leftists who are genuinely acting with decorum, and I applaud them for it. But by and large we are now dealing with outrage the likes of which I haven't seen since the Twilight movies.

I find it fascinating how when Texas asked for permission to secede from America they were met with scorn. And now two days after election results and California wants to secede. Honestly, I say let them do it. Bye bye! Sure, I was born there and it has some gorgeous landscape, but we'll survive.

This is not me attempting to gloat. I consider this at best a pyyrhic victory. I do not like Trump. He was my last choice on the Republican ballot. I know he will try to do things that I, as a conservative, fundamentally disagree with and will try to stop. But he's better than Hillary, which is a terrifying thought. To those on the left who are freaking out, take the advice of someone who went through the ringer for eight consecutive years: Take a breath, calm down, and bear it. It will end. You can survive. There are good people out there who will help you. When my family and I were booted from our home, others came to help us. We found shelter and food. It was rough, but our family didn't break.

You can survive this too. Try to find the silver lining, prepare as best you can, and endure the next four years. The rest of us had to. So let's put away the molotov cocktails and hockey masks and try to rebuild this country.

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