Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Year 2016

Well then, 2016 has been... eventful. Just gonna come out and say it, 2016 has sucked pretty hard all around. Frigging everyone has been dying. Like, wow, so much death this year. It's hitting lots of people around me, which is not fun. That's not counting other pretty awesome people who have suddenly kicked the bucket. Last year we lost Robin Williams, Leonard Nemoy and Christopher Lee. Good grief. Why are all the good people suddenly dying off? Holy crap.

And let's not forget the absolute joy of this year's election, which was about as fun as shaving one's body using only duct tape. Merciful crap. I haven't seen this much vitriol and bile thrown around even in the deepest dregs of the Youtube comments section. Somehow we got down to the two worst candidates of both sides, and it REALLY became a case of choosing between two awful choices. That being said, the truly evil one lost. Karma always catches up. I just hope Trump doesn't screw things up. Then again, with Obama throwing a temper tantrum and punishing everyone around him for Hillary losing. So we're getting an upgrade. Then again, this could just be moving from AIDS to HIV. Both are awful, but one is slightly less awful. I wanted Endorphin Rush with Rand Paul, but nah.

It wouldn't be quite as bad, except a third of the country is throwing the most epic tantrum I've ever seen, and I say that as someone who has raised dozens of kids, most with emotional issues. Seven pound toys being thrown at windows pales in comparison to the hilarious or excessively violent reactions we've been getting from politicians and college students. Suck it up kiddies. Nobody cares what you think anymore. You cried wolf day and night at every little thing conceivable, and you've been tuned out. Trump won fair and square, and you've got no one to blame but yourselves.

As for myself I've finally entered adulthood in that I've moved out of the house and have enjoyed all the privileges that come with it. Things like worrying about paying rent, budgeting, finding a job, finding medical care, trying to have enough food for three meals a day, getting from point A to B in sub-zero weather, and all that joy. On the plus side I can eat as much candy as I sodding want and no one can tell me different!
And to top that off, one of my best friends, whom I'd been with for ten years, cut me off and abandoned me over differences of opinion. Of all the blows, I think that one cut the deepest. I've never had a lot of friends, and those few I do have I cherish dearly. So when I do everything I can to be tolerant and helpful but still get separated, I feel a little part of me die inside. Few things wither my soul like genuine and unconditional friendly love being cast aside in a bout of self righteous rage.

Phew... Okay, personal rant, over. The great thing about starting a new year is that you can start with a clean slate! I fully believe that 2017 will be better. But it is up to us to make it better. It won't happen without effort, so let's get to it! Simply smiling at a stranger or co-worker can turn their day around. A little kindness goes a long way. Show compassion and patience for those who cut you off or call you names. You don't know what they are going through. A family member of theirs might be dying of cancer. That's becoming increasingly common in my circle sadly. So be patient, assume the best in others and show love as best you can. I know I will.

In spite of my earlier ranting, this hasn't all been bad. I've experienced the wonders of snowfall, watching individual snowflakes fall onto my gloved hands and marvel at their natural elegance. I've learned the value of personally prepared meals. I have come to appreciate the simple things more and become more responsible. With luck I will have a decent job soon. I will hopefully get my first full novel out and begin working on my next. I will hopefully find a special young lady to share my heart with.

Although the road before us all is rocky and rough we have the potential to make it a splendid journey, hardships and all. So let us leave behind the nasty, thorny morass of 2016 and look forward to the rocky but fragrant meadows of 2017!

Monday, December 19, 2016

News and stuff

Things have been a mite hectic lately. I've been scrambling to find a job, coping with serious dental damage, trying not to freeze to death and assist friends and family with their various ills. So I haven't had the chance for a lot of blogging. Also haven't had a whole lot worth blogging about.

In terms of writing, I'm well underway with another Primal Frontier story. The first draft is basically done and needs to undergo revisions. Sadly my partner in crime and editor has been suffering some intense circumstances and simply hasn't been able to edit it these last few months. This is very regrettable, as I wanted to get it out by December here, but Life had other plans. I'm hoping I can get it out within the first few months of 2017.

In the meantime I'm beating my head against a wall trying to form the plot for my upcoming steampunk so I'm not just wasting time playing video games. It's frustrating because I have all the pieces to the puzzle, I just need to assemble them in the right order, which is proving rather difficult. I think I burned myself out with the Primal Frontier story, which has topped out over 100K words which would equate to around 350 pages on the Kindle. It might take my brain a wee bit more time to figure itself out. At the same time I'm annoyed that I can't actually get to work on it and get things moving. I need to be productive dangit!

Well, in other news I managed to acquire a job that pays enough for me to actually pay rent and buy food, and I've had some dental repair, so things are looking comparatively good. Hopefully in a short amount of time things will pick up, I can get Kapar's Mark published, get to work on my steampunk and make enough to eat cinnamon rolls everyday instead of ramen.

I hope that you can stay patient dear readers! Relief is on the way! Eventually!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Anti-Gun Activism At Its Best!

Yesterday I could have honestly said I had heard every single variation and permutation of argument for gun control on the face of the earth. And while this isn't necessarily an argument, I can honestly say that I've never even fathomed this as a counter-argument to gun carry. Take a look at this masterpiece of insanity. Careful though. I try to keep this blog family friendly, and this is a bit off my usual path, but I simply cannot avoid sharing it.

Students in Texas decide that the proper, adult and mature thing to do in response to other students now being allowed to carry guns on campus is to parade around with dildos. They call it "Cocks Not Glocks." I wish I had the imagination to think of something this bereft of logic. How this is supposed to accomplish anything seems to be missing from their earnest protesting. Seriously, what is this supposed to do? I'm racking my brain right now for some fever-addled explanation as to how this will make any difference of any kind. Maybe it's because I'm too logical and think things through, because I'm coming up blank.

Heck, if anything, this will encourage people to carry guns elsewhere. Guns equaling attractive ladies walking around with sex toys? Hmmmm... It's a mystery what that'll lead to.

So in summation, since every anti-gun argument has been driven to extinction in the face of logic and reality, the anti-gunners have resorted to this. I am in spasms of laughter at the complete and utter absurdity of this. I mean, THIS was their big master plan for combating the spread of carried weapons? What did they pass up in favor of this? Walking around with toilet seats? DVD sets of My Little Pony? I almost feel like I've stepped into some sort of alternate reality that operates on Loony Tunes logic.

Normally I get annoyed when I see idiotic responses to guns, but this is just plain hysterical. I couldn't have prayed for a more glorious example of the desperation and lunacy that the anti-gunners have resorted to. Not gonna lie, I'm excited. I can't wait to see what other bizarre antics they employ.

Someone pass the popcorn please! >:)